What to wear for all classes

Its all about your comfort! Wear a bathing suit with yoga pants, tank with shorts/capris or really anything you are comfortable working out in. Rash guards or long sleeve shirts are encouraged on the chillier days or if the sun is a problem.  Some people prefer to only wear bathing suits on the hotter days. Anything goes!

Where to Park

Park in the first lot to the right behind the big brick building right past the parking booth. Do not park in Permit parking areas or they will ticket you. Restrooms are located behind the Marine Education Center in the small yellow building to the right of the boat ramp behind the soda machine.  

When to arrive

Please arrive 15 minutes early before class. We cannot wait for latecomers so please be courteous to others and arrive on time.

Where to meet for Kayaking

Meet at Harbor Island Beach (all the way at the end of the park, towards the recreation office on the water.) Check in at the beach booth and let them know you are Kayaking with SUP Westchester. Your name will be at the both booths for parking and entry into the beach. There is no fee for parking or entry for the duration of the class.

Where to meet for Paddleboarding

We are located at the beginning of Harbor Island park on the left, next to the bait and tackle shop. Your name will be at the entry booth, and parking is complimentary for the duration of the class. Before each class we gather in the front of the SUP Shack, the instructor will get you fitted for your PFD, paddle and check you in for the class.

Cancelation Policy

Cancelations must be made within 12hrs of the start time of your registered paddleboarding and kayaking group class. For private 1 hr lessons there is a 24 hr cancelation policy, if you cancel later than 24hrs there is a $50 fee and $60 for 1.5 hr private paddleboarding lessons.

What to bring to class

Sunscreen! (Apply before class), Sunglasses with a strap… or just cheapies! Optional items: baseball hat/Hat, trucker hats that float, water (preferably not plastic), towel, change of clothes if you would like. SUP Westchester is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Where are we located?

We are located in Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck, NY.  When you enter into the park, SUP Westchester is located on the left, in between the Bait & Tackle Shop and the boat ramp.