Welcome to SUP Westchester

Here at SUP Westchester we specialize in providing you with the most enjoyable experience with knowledgeable instructors. We offer several types of classes to cater to a variety of skill levels while providing a fun, safe environment for the entire family. All of our boards are built for beginners so they are stable, durable and come with a full deck pad for Yoga and Fitness. All of our instructors are SUP Westchester certified/ American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguards/First Aid/ CPR/AED certified. All classes and private lessons include all equipment and complimentary parking.

About SUP

Stand Up Paddling (SUP), is the fastest growing water sport in the world. Its not just great fun it’s also easy to learn, great exercise and a fantastic way to get out on the water.

One of the fantastic aspects to SUP is that it gets all the muscles in the body moving at one time. Unlike other sports that isolate certain areas of the body SUP gets everything from your head to your toes moving at once. In addition, the art of balancing has been proven to help offset the natural deterioration of our brains as we age.

What to wear, what to bring and where to park.

Wear workout type clothes tank, capris, shorts, bathing suit etc.  Something you dont mind getting wet. Bring water, wear flip flops or water shoes. Park in the first lot to the right behind the big brick building right past the parking booth.  Do not park in Permit parking areas or they will ticket you. Restrooms are located behind the Marine Education Center in the small yellow building to the right of the boat ramp behind the soda machine.  Please arrive 15 minutes early before class.  Please be courteous to the other people in the class and arrive early.  We cannot wait for late comers.   SUP Westchester has a shed to leave your keys and small items in however, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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